Literature on CI**

Title Author
Analyst’s Cookbook Mercyhurst
Assessing CI Software Bouthiller
Beyond Bullet Points Atkinson
Bottom Line CI McGonagle
Business Blindspots Gilad
Business and CI Rodenberg
Choosing News Alerts Berkman
Competitive Intelligence Vibert
Competitive Intelligence Michaeli
CI Ethics CI Foundation
CI and Global Business Fleisher
Competitive Intelligence Kahaner
CI Passport APQC
CI Starter Kit SCIP
Competitors Fahey
Complete Guide to CI Tyson
Confidential Nolan
Controversies in CI Fleisher
Early Warning Gilad
From Knowledge to Intel Rothberg
How to Use a Consultant McGonagle
Intelgencia Competitiva Tena
Intro to Online Co.Research Dobson
Keys to Reading Annual Reports Friedlob
Managers Guide to CI McGonagle
Managing Frontiers in CI Fleisher
Millennium Intelligence Miller
New Competitor Intelligence Fuld
Protecting Your Company McGonagle
Proven Strategies in CI Prescott
Strategic Intelligence Liebowitz

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